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Events Services

Our event-based marketing approach extends the reach of digital marketing by taking promotions live. By being an in-person presence, we can respond to feedback in real time.

Communications Specialists

We help our clients by managing the external communication of their company, and represent the company to the outside world.

Marketing Strategy

We understand strategy as a science used by leaders to solve problems. Business-wise, this strategy takes the form of an appropriate and intelligible corporate vision that clearly defines the paths chosen by each organization to maximize the expectations of its clients, employees and shareholders.

Management Solutions

In the current competitive market environment, commercial challenges involve boosting performance by duly customizing the value proposition to the client, together with a substantial improvement in productivity in the distribution model.

Our continued goal is growth

We're growing. we need qualified individuals to help.

There must be a rock solid foundation for sustainable success and continued growth. Do you have educational or work experience in the field of marketing, sales, communications, or public relations? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

What We Do

Halo Charity Events partners with several of the nation’s largest companies as well as several local and national non-profits to help them with their expanding marketing and sales programs. 

 We provide our clients with our own home-grown, well trained professionals, to act on their behalf and represent these causes in a class act fashion. 

Our job is simple, be professional, take responsibility for our results and never stop striving to be better. 

Transfer Programs

With over 30 affiliates nation-wide, we organize exchange and relocation possibilities for both permanent roles as well as training opportunities.

Office Expantions

Our future partners are eligible to assist in the opening and expansion of our services into new cities and markets.

Vacations and Retreats

We believe in rewarding our people. We provide annual R&R retreats at some of the nicest resorts in the world. This is something you don't want to miss.

Looking For More

Looking for travel and relocation opportunities?

Are you itching for travel and new experiences? If so we may be the right fit for you as our company continues to expand its horizons.

Our Junior Partners typically use our travel and expansion program to boost their career advancement efforts and get a fresh start in a new city and/or state. Call and apply now to learn more!


Strive to reach your highest potential.